am i starting to get 'drawn in' by my social drinking ..... could i be becoming an alcoholic?!

Question: Am i starting to get 'drawn in' by my social drinking ..... could i be becoming an alcoholic?
ok basically i started off as a social drinker (im a 21 yer old guy) i would go to the pub on fri and saturday nights and have 6 pint of typical 4% beer both nights and i find through the week i can get a bit fed up on an evening when im in (its winter where i live and the nights are long cold and dark) so i find to relax and cure the bordam i have a few shots of vodka on a Wednesday (enough to get me a bit fresh maybe 5) but the rest of the week and through the day i don't drink am i drinking too much ?? i like to have a drink on an evening to relax and feel alright


You wanna talk about long, cold, dark winter nights? I lived in Fairbanks, AK for a while. There wasn't much to we'd party, even drink during the week 'til 4 in the morning, sometimes. You sound like just about any other 21 year old guy I know. I agree with the above alcoholic is addicted and feels that he/she is not able to go without, at all! If you can manage to not drink for a week or so, you're fine. I think that if you know your limits and you know when the "appropriate" time to drink is, you should be fine. There's nothing wrong with a few drinks here and there, but when you're having a beer for breakfast, it's a bad sign, lol.

If you can go a week with no alcohol you are no alcoholic. It is an addiction, in an addiction you feel a NEED as as strong as the need for food for your addiction.

As an alcoholic 3 days without drinking would almost defiantly be detrimental to your mood in a large scale.

Your fine. You drink less than I do and I'm not an alcoholic. You should make sure you keep it under control, and not drink too much more than you do now.

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