Does Trader Joe's sell champagne?!

Question: Does Trader Joe's sell champagne?
I know it probably differs by state but I'm in NC. They sell wine and beer there but I can't remember seeing champagne


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they have a variety of sparkling wines... including a few champagnes, in most of their stores

Yes. They also have really great deals on their wine and it's quite tastey. You may want to look at their website to see what they offer. But in short, they do have wine and it is inexpensive and yummy.

I have not been to a TJ's in North Carolina, but don't just base it on what you see on
the shelves. Ask a mgr - even if not at that store maybe they can do a store transfer.

They probably sell Boone's Sparkling Piss.

Been to NC once

Would you really buy it there if they did?

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