is there any rice beer domestic?!

Question: Is there any rice beer domestic?

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Domestic = USA? Sort of.

Budweiser and a few other mega-brewers use rice in their beer, but it's not a main ingredient. There are a few true rice beers on the West Coast and scattered through the USA, but you'll have a very hard time tracking any down except at their brewery. They'll all be minor experimental beers made by micro brews, as far as I know there are none made by national brands or widely distributed.

As far as I know, rice is only used as a cheap replacement for grain used by macro beer companies. When I brewed for a microbrewery, we used rice HULLS as a filler in certain beers but only in the mash to keep it from getting stuck in the transfer (beer talk). It had no actual flavor.


many macro brewed beers are mostly rice:
budweiser, coors, etc.

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