First Experiences of Being Drunk?!

Question: First Experiences of Being Drunk?
Your first time of being completely drunk, how old were you? and what happened?

recently went to a party, my first time and got completely and embarrassingly drunk and injured myself. need to know im not the only one!!

much appreciated! :) xx


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Completely blitzed...hmm...I was seventeen, not the first time I'd had drink mind you (not by a long shot) but the first time I felt the effects..I'm a serious heavyweight! (but I'm Irish so yeah...)..I was at a 21st birthday party a friend of a friends, had two vodka and cokes- hold the coke- on a completely empty stomach (I'd been fasting for two days to fit into this slinky little cocktail dress I had), anyhoo within a few minutes I was dizzy and lightheaded and couldn't balance so well, (I was wearing stilettos so that didn't help!) anyhoo,I picked a fight with a stranger over meat...yes...meat! and I nearly fell into the pool I was caught at the last minute by my best friends' brothers' friend..(yeah confusing!) anyway, we knew each other well enough and he insisted I eat something and sat me down and brought me memories a tad hazy, but my friends insist he was perfectly gentlemanly until me and my friends drove home, with said man's best friend...hmm...wish I'd gotten his number....

I was sixteen and had gone on a college trip to Venice, I didn't really do anything stupid, but then I didn't get that drunk.
At a friend's party a few months later I got scared that the bouncy castle monster was going to eat me

I was underaged and shared a litre of vodka with a Russian girlfriend that was going through a bad divorce. I don't think I need to elaborate

everyone busts their *** soem time or another when worries your completely normal

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