What's a badass drink to order at the bar?!

Question: What's a badass drink to order at the bar?

under the category of bad *** drinks you will not find: Grasshopper or Apple Martini and if there are men out there ordering either one of these drinks, then you need to turn in your man card immediately!!!!

Bad *** Drinks would be:
AMF (Adios Mother F#cker)
Long Island Iced Tea
(these all have 4-5 liquors in them, so drink with caution and a designated driver...trust me!!!!)

A Martini or Gibson (always with gin, of course) or good quality tequila to sip neat.

Apple Martini.

The Bad *** Rulebook.


The Sicillian Kiss shot.


A Grasshopper

A J2O :O

irish car bomb or a classic gin and tonic

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