i have ran into another obstacle in my beer making project?!

Question: I have ran into another obstacle in my beer making project?
thing is its been a little over a month since i first poured in the wort into the keg sure its my first time and there will be mistakes but im not satisfied with the outcome its been a few days since i put my bottles into the fridge and i tried one last night and basically one 20 oz. bottle equals about one 12 oz. bottle not to cool considering i made a double batch basically meaning double the alchohol content double the cost but less alchohol doesnt add up maybe i could just give it more time but im open though my options are probably limited as to what i could possibly do however im open to the experienced in the subject and best answer does get chosen!


I'm not sure I follow your question. One 20oz bottle equals one 12 oz bottle? In volume? If it is the alcohol content, how are you measuring it? I assume that you are not just dropping a hydrometer into the beer and reading the ABV% off of it.

I'd love to help, but don't know what you are asking.

Sounds like you didn't use enough sugar. I am presuming you added sugar just before bottling to create pressure in the bottles. If so and the batch is weak but it tastes good, you could drop a half-shot of vodka into each glass when you drink it.

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