Does anyone know what kind of water is the best to drink and where I can buy it?!

Question: Does anyone know what kind of water is the best to drink and where I can buy it?
I keep hearing about how bad tap water and bottled water is for people to drink. I've also heard that Spring water is the best water for people to drink. Is this really true?


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All water is good if its bottled water its puried all the same but some has iron in it and some has nasty **** in it like tap water and some tap water is better then bottled water 0.o


Complete myth. Tap water is completely safe. It is treated and comes through pipes. Bottled water is untreated and has natural minerals in it so may be of benefit. These myths are made up by the big companies to make a profit. The only time you should mostly rely on bottled water is foreign countries- and this is purely because your body is not used to the bacteria in that water. with regards to the sring water it is natural and goes through rocks, so may well be the best. But generally speaking you can rely on tap water. Ask your local water supplier for all the info on water and it's nutrients.

kk, if your tap water is no good, then it will be obvious. ask your neighbors if they use tap to drink or they buy water from store.

spring water is essentially any water. it does not actually have to come from a spring to be called that, its merely a marketing gimmick.

if you truly want the best water. go to your grocery store and either buy the best filter you can orrrrr. buying distilled water in a gallon jug is extremely clean and inexpensive. the filters will pull any sediment or heavy metals in your tap water while the distilled water is made by taking water and super heating it. when it turns to steam it is sent down a tube to a resevour while any impurity is left behind

i myself was concerned with this and conducted many hours of research on the subject.

Tap water.
If you are dumb enough to buy water in plastic bottles, then you don't deserve to see nice countryside on vacation.

Don't oyu know that flying water in an out, and transporting it to cities is one of the biggest polluutants in the world?
It's so unecessary, just use a filter or a sock over your tap.

Depends upon who you ask. A lot of people can't tell the difference between tap water and bottled water. Spring water is overpriced could buy a water purifier and put it on the end of your sink. Save money and the environment.

If you don't like the taste of your tap water, get a filter for the faucet or a filter pitcher and filter through carbon filters.

Don't buy water. It is a drain on resources, especially plastic that pollutes the planet

Fiji water. Sells at most grocery stores, or my personal fav... Voss. Also sells at most stores

no its not. get a filter and filter your own water. costs about $9 every other month

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