is it ok to have a beer while studying for a teat you have the next day?!

Question: Is it ok to have a beer while studying for a teat you have the next day?
I have a college level midterm tomorrow morning and I am reading for a few hours, and would like to have a beer or two....what are the consequences?


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I think most males mandate a few beers while studying a teat.



I guess it depends on how you feel after having a beer or two. It may keep you from focusing as well, or remembering as much. Or I guess it may relax you enough to focus more and remember more.

Good luck with your decision.

I dont see that there ARE any consequences... However if you have more then 2 or 3 you may feel unable to get up in the morning, go to sleep too late, or feel "hungover" during the test tomorrow... Sooo technically its up to you!! : D I dont think there's anything wrong with it though, or that anything will happen.... but just in case... set an alarm... :D


yes. have a 48 pack while your at it. then have some herowin.

LOL if you can't spell TEST, the answer is no! :)

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