What liquor is this, tastes like licorice?!

Question: What liquor is this, tastes like licorice?
Its Italian tastes like licorice, is 85 proof but really doesn't taste that strong kinda tastes like candy its sugary but you can still taste the alcohol. What type of liquor is this?


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Sambuca (white sambuca is clear)

"Ouzo" is Greek

If it's clear or white it could be either ouzo or sambuca, if it is black it is black sambuca, and if it is green it is absinthe.

Sambuca is italian, its anise flavored which tastes like licorice

Ouzo is greek, but also tastes like licorice.

If it is Italian can only be Sambuca, there is also one in Finland known as Salmari

Sambuca, its an Roman liquor

Could be ouzo, or sambuca or just anise liqueur.

I was gonna say black label sambuca but thats only 79 proof



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