what is the best tasting non bitter beer?!

Question: What is the best tasting non bitter beer?
I tried Newcastle Brown Ale recommended as non-bitter. While less better than some I have tried, it is still bitter to me. I like the idea of a cold beer on a hot day, but just can't stomach the bitter taste. What are some other available here in the Northwest?


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BUD LITE DUDE!!! Also accroding to businesshighbeam.com top 120 beers they also said that bud lite is the best tasting beer. but i wouldn't know im just 14 :P


If you are just avoiding bitterness(hop heavy) you just need to avoid pale ales and india pale ales, though Imperial Stouts/American Stouts, porters, British extra special bitters, and barleywines have the capabilities of becoming hop heavy depending on the brewer.
If you are looking for a malty profile go with a Scottish Ale, Octoberfest, or a Bock.
If you are looking for alcoholic water stick with Bud, Miller, Coors, Pabst, Busch, Heineken, or Fosters

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Leinenkugel's Berry Weiss. http://www.examiner.com/craft-beer-in-na… Also the Honey Weiss is a sweet beer but that one has that classic bitter flavor too. Leinie's comes in bottles typically but you can find it in cans from time to time.

Wisconsin and the land of beer and honey.

There is not just one best beer. There are many. In the Northwest I like Black Butte Porter and Obsidian Stout as well as most everything else Deschutes makes. Also Alaskan Amber. And Quilter's Irish Death. There's tons of others but I'm just having trouble thinking of them right now but it is a very good place to find good beer.

You need to look at IBU or International Bittering Units. The lower, the less bitter. In the northwest, look for something like a Henry Weinhard's Private Reserve, only 15 IBU and is a smooth beer.

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Well most beers are bitter, that's the flavor profile of a beer. A light beer will be less bitter, but that's not really a beer. If you can't handle the bitterness, may I suggest a frozen margarita?

Well Is this what you are looking for? http://buyour.info/69145/cold-beer


Newcastle Brown is BITTER? Hahahah...On a summer day try Franziskaner Hefeweizen or Ayinger Weiss Bier. Both are considered perfect summer beers.

Barefoot Raddler, not sure if it's available where you are though.


cold beer on a hot day? I'll go with sam adams' blackberry wit.

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