Im in highschool, if there is beer in my pictures on facebook, but im not holding the cups could i get caught?!

Question: Im in highschool, if there is beer in my pictures on facebook, but im not holding the cups could i get caught?
there is beer in the background, if sent to the school would i get in trouble


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I got in alot of trouble for having pictures on Facebook! And I'm 8 months pregnant haha but btw jobs and school can call your parents and inform them on what's going on. They did mine but funny think my dad already knew:P haha. I like hanging out with my friends and my school isn't gonna stop that from happening just blur them out. Red/blue cups aren't a big deal they know what you doing but they cant say anything:) the whole school board called my dad and he was like um stay off my kids Facebook creeps haha my teacher wasn't so happy about that:) the main reason you would get in trouble is if you were in sports or anything for the school

My gay school

I'm in college, and we had a speaker come and talk about facebook. He said that you should not have alcohol in any of your pictures. Even if you are not drinking it. I don't know if you can get caught, but employers and other people can see the alcohol.

Could you be CAUGHT doing what!?!? I don't like the use of that word...if you are not doing anything wrong then I wouldn't worry about being CAUGHT for doing nothing! why is beer in the background? something don't sound yourself the trouble and don't take pictures with BEER in it.

You could be. Simple solution: Delete the pictures immediately, and don't associate
with drinking alcohol until you're old enough to do so legally (and I hope responsibly)

Something known as "common sense"

well it depends. legally you can dink in the privacy of your home at ANY AGE as long as your parents approve and as long as its not a party.

my brain.

Er NO. Calm down. There are pictures of me drinking Barcadi and WKD on faceyB, and I'm 14 nobody will find out or even care! Literally everybody from my school does that... hahaaha

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