Wine enthusiasts, do you find yellow tail wines to be good for the money?!

Question: Wine enthusiasts, do you find yellow tail wines to be good for the money?

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Yellow Tail products are pretty junkie. They're intentionally high in residual sugar, which covers up subpar fruit.

Yellow Tail is a factory wine: they own no vineyards. They just buy the cheapest grapes they can, instead of being concerned about quality. Also, no one in Australia drinks Yellow Tail- it's made for American export only. If the people in the country where a wine is made won't drink it, that's a pretty good sign that you shouldn't drink it, either.

I'm a sommelier.

Nope. I've tried several of them and there isn't a one of them that I liked taste wise. And if I don't like it taste wise then there's no value in it for me. Of course wine is very much like music, they're both subjective. My personal favorite sipping wine is Franzia's - Rhine, It's similar to a German Reisling but it's produced in California. I also like their Burgundy. Yes, I know they're box wines but for the money and in my opinion I think they're quite good in taste and far better value than Yellow Tail.

No. I did a full Yellow Tail tasting and I didn't like anything outside of their reserve line at all. Of the 3 reserves we tried, I might actually drink the Cab again willingly but that's the extent of it. If you're looking for fair economy wines go with box wines like Black Box or Bota.

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