How much does a person on average spend at Oktoberfest a day?!

Question: How much does a person on average spend at Oktoberfest a day?
After my friends graduate we're going to Germany for 4 months to go to Rock Im Ring and Rock Am Ring but I wanted to know how much does it cost a day at Oktoberfest on average


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This obviously depends on how much you want to drink, and if you also want to eat there.
A 'Ma?' which is one liter of beer costs 8-9 euros but usually you are expected to give a tip to the waitress and you can either round up to 9 euros, and when you get drunk you will probably round up to 10 euros :)

If you usually don't drink then 2 ma? can be enough to get you drunk and will take 2-3 hours to drink.
If you are a college student you might need 3-4 ma? and you will be really drunk :D

If you also want to eat there, the typical oktoberfest food is the 'Halber Hendl' which is a roasted half chicken. This will also cost about 9-10 euros depending on where you eat it. Other foods like schnitzel or schweinsbraten with kn?del will cost 12-14 euros.

An important factor is also if you are going on a week day or on the weekend. On the weekend you will have to get up very early and be at the tent at at least 8 o'clock to get in. The tents usually close the entrances at 10 or 11 because they fill up very fast, especially on saturday.
On a week day you will be able to walk in and you of tents as you like, this will also allow you to get cheaper food at the stands outside like fries or hotdogs.

What I do to save money is to buy a couple of oktoberfest beers at a supermarket so that I am already a bit tipsy when I get in and only spend 30 euros for 2 ma? and a hendl.

ps. don't think about sneaking alcohol into the tents because the security will throw you out and it won't be painless...


Live in Munich! I go to Oktoberfest every year!

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