Good red wines around $15-$20?!

Question: Good red wines around $15-$20?
I recently have taken a liking to wine. I sometimes drink with food but often drink it alone. I have tried some yellow tails, rex goliath, barefoot, and the little penguin. What would be a good step up from the cheaper wines around $15-$20? Brand and type please. I like dryer wines.


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I would try a Chianti
Some under $20 would be Banfi, DaVinci or Carpineto
or a red table wine like Monte Antico or Dogajolo.

Also some good Zinfandels.
Under $20 woulod be XYZin or Bonterra(organic)

All of the above are distributed Nationally and should be easy to find.

The best thing you can do is go to a wine bar that offers sample sized pours and try some things out. Then, go to your friendly wine store and tell them what you've enjoyed so far.

It's tough to reco specific wines, since product availability varies hugely by state.

I'm a sommelier.

LOL there's no such thing as good wine.
All wine is crap.

No wine is good. It's very bad for you.

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