What are some good alcoholic drinks I should try?!

Question: What are some good alcoholic drinks I should try?
So I can legally drink now! I'm not really sure what alcoholic drinks I should try? I have had beer at friends' parties/places, but I always get so confused about the terms when I go out. What are some "easy" or "hard" drinks I should try (please indicate)? I like ones that are rather sweet and fruity. Thanks! ;)


Cosmopolitans if you like fruity drinks, fuzzy navel, anything with sloe gin and juices. Gin is essentially vodka who's been mellowed out by juniper berry. If you don't like hard drinks avoid martinis or any drink that's clear or anything that contains mostly whiskey, whether it's scotch or bourbon. I'd also recommend a mojito, it contains mint, lime, white rum and sugar (the bartender will hate you for ordering them though since they take a lot of preparation so tip them well).

I'd suggest that you go to a bar (well known for mixing cocktails) and try a variety! It's hard to say what you will like until you try it - I like fruity drinks but I don't like coconut so I won't drink malibu!
As the above mentioned, daquiris sound like they would suit you - they're fruity and icey!

If you like fruity drinks you may want to go with daiquiris, things made with sloe gin(i.e. slow comfortable screw), or fruit lambics(i.e. Frambroise = beer made with raspberries). Also I recommend mead(basically a honey-wine) if you can find a decent one, not that Burnatty(?) mead though cause that is a wine made with honey and spices that tastes like cough syrup.

1. Sex on the Beach
2. Margaritas en Jarra
3. Crazy Buffalo(if you don't know what that it just e-mail me && I'll tell you how to make it)
4. Jager(pronounced Yayger--sorry can't spell it right) with red bull
5. Tequila Madrugada

My e-mail is howardjazmin12@yahoo.com if you need the ingredients on how to make them!!!

Have fun && party

of you like sweet and fruity go with a apple martini (whiskey sour is my personal prefrence). if you want something strong go with an island ice t

boones farm is sweet! and its the ONLY wine i will drink cuz it doesnt have that nasty wine taste to it.

Any kind of daiquiri you'd probably enjoy.

Pint of guiness and a shot of Jameson...

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