What are some great tasting red wines that are easy to find?!

Question: What are some great tasting red wines that are easy to find?
Does yellowtail or Arrowood make a great tasting red wine for example?


Yes they do!
And here are my 4 favorite...this is also on my site linked below.

HRM Rex Goliath California - Cabernet Sauvignon


It is a $5-10 bottle that looks great and tastes like $15

Yellowtail – Shiraz


$4 – 7 bottle (or you can get the 1.5 L for a few bucks more). It is a good table wine but has more of a cheap reputation. Better if it is in a decanter or already in the wine glasses.

Oak Leaf Vineyards – Cabernet Sauvignon


Now this is the super cheap one @ $3 (frequently called the Wal-Mart Wine because that is where you can get it) but I would put it up against the other 2 any day. It is a suprisingly drinkable wine, and if you are planning on mixing it with some OJ for Sangria you can’t beat it!

And if volume is important:

Black Box – Cabernet Sauvignon


3L of really good wine (4 bottles) for about $20. Give it a shot! And it can last for up to 30 days in its super cool IV style bag.


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