Should I smoke bud before school tomorrow?!

Question: Should I smoke bud before school tomorrow?
I have late start tomorrow and I don't know if i should go high to class or go to class sober.
Being high in class is fun as hell!
please no answers that would come from a narc


if you want your teachers to know then i would say go for it.. it doesn't matter if you have a late start that is by far a strong odor that will most likely stay on your clothes for the entire day.. i am an experienced in this.. lets just say i went to school high and was sent home 30 minutes later.. they will find out.. either by the smell or how you act.. there trained for those kind of worse case scenarios.,,

self experience

I hope you're in college where someone other than the taxpayer is throwing their money down a sewer. We go to class to learn, not to have fun. If you ever graduate, then you can have fun while you look for a job in your chosen field and realize you should have paid attention in class so your interview will go well. If you're in high school, you are truly screwing the taxpayer. But then your GPA will follow you to college. Ho hum.

I strongly agree that the purpose of going to school is to learn things that would help mold a student to become a responsible citizen. While one may find fun and leisure in some activities, it doesn't mean that these things such as smoking bud (which may possibly ruin one's future if one becomes dependent on it) are among those that could bring great contribution to one's well-being.

I am a cigar aficionado and have been one for years. I'm also doing social media for and have represented them online.

totally up to you. i wouldn't recommend bringing it to school but smoking before going because they could search your car, but nothing illegal with just being high. use eye drops and light cologne to cover the smell, nothing too harsh.

obviously not

brain cells ftw :-)

Go sober. The teacher will notice if you're high.

I wouldn't see the point in going to class if you're high - may as well stay home and eat.

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