I found a 3-4 inch long worm like substance in my ice-tea bottle (Nestle), what could i do about this? ?!

Question: I found a 3-4 inch long worm like substance in my ice-tea bottle (Nestle), what could i do about this? ?
I bought it from Woolworths and upon reaching home i placed it in the refrigerator. After a while my flatmate, wanting a drink, took it out only to see something floating at the bottom. At first we thought it was a tea leave but on more inspection we were pretty sure it was some kind of dead/living worm-kind thing. It is 3 to 4 inches long and has got a tapeworm feel to it. It is hard to say what it is but definitely not something to be had in an ice tea. I am staggered by the discovery and feel cheated by Nestle, which has for long been a quality name for me.


call the company and complain or write an email. sue them if you have to. that's just gross.

You should feel lucky, you could get a lot of money out of this. Tell them you whant 1k, or your taking them to court. I bet theyd give you the 1k just to stay out of court, because then word would spread about the worm in your drink, and that would hurt there buisness, and they would lose A LOT more money.

Complain to nestle.
possibly don't take them to court, that may be a little extreme, but definitely take a photo and send it in. they will send you free stuff, vouchers or even money if you ask for it.
don't feel too disappointed, it must have been a mistake.

it should be reported ...they need to be investigated that that aren't worms in other bottles.

report it to the authorities and consumer centre

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