On a scale of 1 to 10 how correct is ron about what he says to me all the time on this site?!

Question: On a scale of 1 to 10 how correct is ron about what he says to me all the time on this site?
There is this guy named Ron on this site who is always telling me I will probably die from liver failure before age 30 because I drink too much, I said I was drinking either a 750 ml bottle of wine, a 375 ml bottle of spirits or a 1 liter sized bottle of cocktails such as Alize, Tequila rose and lot's of others every friday, saturday and sunday and ron says this is going to kill me before I am 30 how correct is he? Will my liver go before 30 at this pace? P.S. even though I drink all this at the weekend I do not drink during the week so what are my chances of living to an old age at this pace on a scale on 1 to a hundred which number am I???


I said that working in rehab as I do that I know many people (I've been to their funerals) who have died of liver failure by before they are 30, I said that you are more likely to with your lifestyle and denial, I said it was quite possible that you could follow this path, I didn't say you would 'probably' die before 30 but that you would probably die of liver failure at a young age, this is my job, get your facts straight.

EDIT: I've told you before Sarah, as have others (especially Weatherman) only your doctor can tell you that after a liver function test, and if it warrants it a liver scan and/or biopsy, but the chances are that it WILL happen.

Ron is 100% right.
Again, why do you keep asking for a magic number? Even if you survive, you will be ill-the liver does not recover from damage as well as other organs.
Man up and make the choice-either you want to keep drinking like you do regardless of consequences or you want to get help and stop. No having your cake and eating it too in this life.

There is a lot going on here. First of all no one whatever call tell you if and when you are going to do harm to your liver or other organs. Nor can they tell you that based on how many drinks you have or how often. The fact of the matter is some people drink almost constantly (daily) and live to be very old. On the other hand other people don't drink much at all and suffer the negative health consequences. Things don't work like that. No one can say if you drink 3.2 drinks 3 days a week for the next 10 years that you are going to die from liver problems. Nor could anyone say well you know if you only drank 2.7 drinks once a week for the next 7 years everything would be just fine.

Having said all of that your post looks like you may be an alcoholic looking for excuses. The fact that you mention you drink "only" on the weekends and that you drink "only" certain amounts is a good indicator that you know you drink too much and you are just looking for various ways to justify it.

Not knowing if and when you are going to get liver problems is not your only issue. The other issue you have is that alcoholism is very progressive in nature meaning that over time you are going to start drinking more and more. It won't be more and more quickly but bit by bit you might find yourself drinking more and more and that is something that could become a problem. You know you say you drink only on weekends and then one day you might say "Ah what the hell I will have a few on Monday" and that might eventually turn you into a daily drinker etc.

My best advice would to to just stop altogether for at least 30 days and see what happens from there.

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