Am I risking my life drinking as much I am currently drinking?!

Question: Am I risking my life drinking as much I am currently drinking?
I drink either a 750 ml bottle of wine, a 375 ml bottle of spirits or a liter bottle of cocktails every friday, saturday and sunday am I slowly killing off my vital organs with this much alcohol such as my liver and all those very important organs needed for life drinking as much as I do? And could I die from organs failure if I keep at this pace and when will it happen? P.S. I don't drink during the week just weekends.


Physically the effects of alcohol are like a lottery. It kills some people and others drink their whole lives and are fine. It certainly won't help anything though. And yes, that much consumption can cause damage, but is unlikely, and giving your body time to recuperate probably helps.

If you are worried about it, try and cut back. If you can't, or keep making excuses, then there's probably something more dangerous going on than just organ damage. The real disease you need to diagnose for yourself is alcoholism. I know it's a dirty word but here's your test: for one month, drink only one drink (meaning one regular sized beer, wine, or cocktail) every time you drink. You'll be able to tell how important drinking is to you by that. If it's more important than your physical, emotional, and mental well-being then it's time to take a serious look at some help. Good luck and remember that you are inherently worthwhile and good.

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Any reasonable person, much less someone knowledgeable on the subject, could tell you that you are an alcoholic in denial just by reading a fraction of your previous questions and comments.
Yes, you are causing unnecessary damage to your liver and kidneys, but you've made it clear that you don't think you have a problem and don't plan to change anything so why do you keep asking? If you were really so sure of your course, you wouldn't be seeking this outside reassurance from a bunch of strangers.
If I were to tell you that this rate of drinking would cause your system to pack it in in 2 years and 6 months, what would you do? Continue to be a weekend lush for 2 years and 5 months and think you could stop then and it would all be fine? You have a real problem and won't admit it, yet you keep raving on about it as though anyone on here can help you when you deny you need help and get angry with anyone who suggests otherwise.
Seriously, girl, get some real help or STFU!!

instead of spending your money buying a drink, why not save it until you have enough to pay for your ultrasound. a glass of wine, about 180mL can be healthy. but if you are not a drinker, never try to start drinking for that sake. not drinking at all is still the healthiest way. if your liver has been affected due to alcohol drinking, it is a slow process of killing yourself softly, if not given immediate attention.

I think you should be honest with your doctor and tell him how much you drink--let him decide. A four ounce glass of wine or 1 1/2 ounces of liquor is one drink, and someone who drinks at least 60 drinks a month is a "heavy drinker." I'm US so I'm unsure what a milliliter is. I know a bottle of wine is around 6-8 drinks. If you smoke along with drinking you greatly increase your health risk, throat cancer among them.

Yes you are killing off your vital organs. Maybe not as quick and as bad as alcoholics but your killing them off quicker than someone who rarely drinks. Talk to a doctor, they can take an ultrasound to see how good your organs are. But your pretty much wishing your life away if you continue like this.

Btec science unit 3 covered this.

No one can tell you when it will happen, Your liver, kidneys ect. could fail the next time you drink or 50 years from now, but yes each time you drink it certainly isnt helping it, but hey, we live to have fun, that means drink and smoke all the weed you can, while you can.

R U Crazy? The answer is obvious. U may not be drinking on the weekdays but u r drinking more during the weekend than most people drink all week. U better cut way back while u still can. Don't get me wrong I like 2 drink as well but damn dude!!! WakeUp!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No matter how much or how little you drink, you can still put your health at risk.

Since you're drinking moderate amounts if alcohol three days back to back there is nO doubt you are putting strain on your liver and kidneys. I would tone it down a bit

You're an alcoholic which means yes you are risking your life.


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