I really really am upset right now what to do?!

Question: I really really am upset right now what to do?
Some people in this site made me very upset as to a question I posted before regarding alcohol he said to try to go one month drinking just one drink a day for example a beer or a regular sized glass of wine and said that if I find this hard to do or if I find that I hate doing this that I might have a problem and to seek help in doing this, however I cannot be happy with no five ounce glass of wine because five ounces is a sip and will only last me four seconds. Also I hate sharing my alcohol with anyone else and since I have others living here they will take some and if this happen I will NOT forgive them even if they took a very tiny sip from my bottle. I will pick up a knife and stab them in the heart and kill them I do not care if she is my mother or a family member I completely refuse to forgive someone for this and I also cannot be happy with just one standard drink a night that wont even get you tipsy and one drink is pointless but the guy said to me if I have a problem having just one standard drink a night then I have a problem with alcohol cause most normal folks would not have a problems doing this how right is he?


you should expect bad people like this. Me too, and i also don't get polite replies. because this is a general forum and they want to attack people, some are too free. Don't take it personally.

Yea you definitely have a problem, if your willing to stab your mother in the heart for taking a sip of your alcohol you really need some help. Most people don't even need to drink one drink a day. Let alone get tipsy every day.

How many times do you need to hear it? YOU HAVE A DRINKING PROBLEM.
Either that or you are a completely obsessive troll.

I'd suggest a bottle of wine to calm yourself down.

Stop ******* drinking yer life away. There's your answer. STOP. DRINKING. just STOP. S.T.O.P YOU HEARD? STOP!

It ain't heard to put the bottle down my *********...you're the main source of the pain now. IT'S YOU. And you have a choice to stop drinking your life away or to continue on with trying to get cirrhosis of the liver.

You know what? After Cirrhosis COMES the CANCER. Just ******* stop drinking and you won't have all of this bullshit to worry about.

This is what I call stupidity. Someone who continues to do the same stupid thing over and over

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