How do you make vodka smell less?!

Question: How do you make vodka smell less?
I'm having a small gathering at mine with 3 other people, and we have a bottle of vodka. I know you're thinking 'same old teenager, wanting to get drunk because they think its cool blablabakjhghshd', well I hardly ever drink and just want a funny night so please don't lecture me. I just wondered how I could keep the smell of vodka from hittinh my mums nose? I have insense in my room and we will be mixing the vodka with fresh orange juice, but anything else? Thankyou :)


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Burn incense and your folks might think you're smoking herb.
How about making popcorn? Than covers almost everything!
By the way, peanut butter (!) covers alc on your breath. Who wouldda thought?

Yes I am thinking its same old teenager getting out of his tiny skull.
If you've seen the number of teenage losers in A&E spewing their guts up after "Having A funny Night" or joy of joys having the stomach pumped.
You might just think again!
Its no funny or clever to die of alcohol poisoning so I most sincerely hope your mother catches you and grounds you for life.
Oh and by the way unless the other person has been drinking themselves you can smell Vodka on their breath.
Its just an urbane Legend to claim wrongly it does not smell.
You will reek of it and probably for the next day as well.
So enjoy looking like a real wino in your mothers eyes loser!

Good vodka has nigh to no smell at all and you barely notice it on your breath.
Orange juice, cranberry juice and energy drinks are popular to mix.

But if I were you I would be more concerned about your mom noticing 4 drunk people trashing up the place, than the vodka itself xD

If you're mixing it with something and keep your door closed you should be fine. I think you can only really smell vodka if you proper sniff it - maybe have some mints handy if you're going to be chatting with her at any point in the night, just in case :)

From what I've been told vodka is what people drink when they DONT want to have alcohol on their breath. This is the best thing you can drink for that . Vodka is odorless on the breath.

Vodka, by definition, is an odorless, flavorless spirit. It's your best choice if you're trying to be discreet, but alcohol itself has an odor.

When mixing the drink put the vodka first then add the fresh orange juice on top then mix it so it won't smell that strong

and add more juice than vodka

Vodka isnt that pungent, if you MUST be extra careful, brush your teeth :)

I always brush my teeth so my mum wont notice i smoke. Smoke is WAY more pungent than Vodka.

Vodka won't smell on your breath, also whack it in a water bottle, and ditch the vodka bottle

Eat chocolate :)

Just close the door and you'll be good. Booze doesn't smell that pungent.

when you are done throwing up from the vodka brush your teeth and pop a mint

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