i'm a lightweight for drugs and alcohol?!

Question: I'm a lightweight for drugs and alcohol?
it only takes me half a cider to get me drunk, and half a spliff to get me absolutely stoned for almost 24 hours.
I've got drunk atleast 15 times in my life and am not a newcomer to marijuana either

what is wrong with me|?!


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well you could keep gettin drunk to become more used to it but that isnt really too good for you.... also whilst drinking try also drinking water, coffee and eating salty foods or bread to help control the alcohol in you... with the spliff i wouldnt adise doin it more often to get used to it or youll become a full on stoner just your body isnt good at copin with it is all

accidently ate 2 loaves of bread whilst drinking 2L of vodka in an hour.... saved me a hangover

u must have a week system (liver, etc)... if u do it more often u will become used to it and will slowly be able to take more before u feel anything

it usually take me 4 or 5 shots of wisky before i start to feel anything... and i'm an occasional drinker (i've been told by a doctor that my liver is larger than most peoples

Your liver has a enzyme that is strictly designed to break down ethanol, if your liver has less of this enzyme, or you have low body weight, you will be affected by alcohol much quicker than others.

Consider it a good thing. My friend is just like you he gets drunk of half a beer... Just think of all the money your going to save though!


you need a proper guidance.

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