he only drinks a once every half hour is that normal?!

Question: He only drinks a once every half hour is that normal?

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only? Not normal.

If you mean once every half hour, no. That sound like an alcoholic to me. Talk to him about this before it gets bad!

If you mean and ounce, then not so much, but he still likes alcohol a little too much. still talk to him about it.

ounce not once
ounce of what?

the way you word it makes it seem minimal, but if he does that for an extended period of time all the time that is too much


By only do you mean he doesn't eat?

One every half hour sounds like a lot. I'd be more concerned with what's in it, is there a lot of sugar for example? Maybe some water instead.

assuming you mean they drink an OUNCE ever half hour?

if you drink an ounce of liquor every half-hour, thats 48 ounces of liquor a day, and will likely cause serious health complications

hey buddy I used to drink once the fruit flavoured once is really good I buy the Once in a six pack each one contains about five ounces

sixteen ounces = 1 lbs

Who/what only drinks every half hour and what is it they are drinking every 1/2 hour.

'Only'? Every half hour sounds like a lot. When you say 'only' you make it sound like he drinks too little.

I think this might be about an infant and bottle feeding.

I do that on every day off work

your question is not very clear...


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