from where can i get skyy vodka?!

Question: From where can i get skyy vodka?
i want to purchase skyy vodka


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the obvious answer is a liquor store.

in some states hard liquor is sold in grocery and convenient stores.

if you are under 21 I won't explain ways to acquire alcohol illegally

you didn't mention your location.

most liquor stores near me carry it

go to the closest store that sells liquor to you, and likely they carry it... if they don't, they might have a suggestion where to go

Skyy is available at liquor stores and grocery stores that stock liquor

If you are old enough to buy AND drink it responsibly look for it in a store.

Here at the booze store in Slobivia.

Why would you want Skyy when Svedka is soooo much better!

at the liquor store

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