which is more safe? a disposable glass or a used washed glass?!

Question: Which is more safe? a disposable glass or a used washed glass?
GLASS = container used for water,,juice,drinks commonly used in small food outlets n hotels.
(mainly of plastic type material)


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Neatly washed glasses are better than disposable glasses. Disposable glasses cause damage to environment. they doesn't mix up in soil and chemicals in disposable glasses damage environment.

i dunno, but in bars and taverns around the civilized world, they give you the same glass the slob at the end of the bar was using, ....that guy with the bad teeth and horrible breath.

chances are, when you go to a bar or tavern, you drink from the same glass that was used by some perv with an STD or worse

If you are talking about just putting water in it and drinking then they are both perfectly safe.

If you are putting something hot or acidic or are going to keep it in there for any length of time glass is safer as you might leach toxic substances out of plastic or paper.

I believe a used wash glass. Disposing off plastic glasses after use isn't good for the enviroment I think.


In small food stalls better to use disposable glass for drinking water.

officially used washed glass.

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