underage smoking for about 7 months?!

Question: Underage smoking for about 7 months?
I'm 16. I want to quit before I reach a year of smoking cigarettes. I've found a way to get a cigarette almost every day. Will I have irreversible lung damage or will my lungs heal with time after I quit?


Glad to read that you would like to give up smoking. Wise decision before you get too hook on them, the longer it is, the harder it is trying to give them up.

Been there

If you are reasonably healthy then the effects of smoking 1 cigarette a day for 7 months will not affect your health much permanently. The older you get the less likely your body will be able to fix itself.

On the other hand look at all the good things smoking does at your age:

- Makes you smell like an ashtray.

- Makes kissing you as desirable as kissing the wrong end of a poodle

- Turns you teeth a deathly gray - think how much you would have to pay a dentist to do this for you!

- Helps support the tobacco industry! Many stock portfolios thanks you.

- Changes your lungs from flexible pink tissue to manly stiff black tissue


16 year old....understand that not only smoking can kill, but some people have died from 2nd hand smoke. Which means, some people who don't smoke have died because of cigarettes. So yeah, quit while you're young and before it gets too serious. Irreversible lung damage? Unless you plan on getting a lung transplant, there's nothing you can really do because your lungs deteriorate anyway without smoking (smog, toxins, gas, etc.....), but smoking speeds up the process even faster.

Your lungs are not as damaged as they could be. Quit today. Even if you had a cigarette today, don't ever have another. Use nicotine patches and be strong. People have much more respect for non-smokers. There is nothing good about smoking. It doesn't make problems go away, it just gives you more problems. Good luck! :)

It takes about twice as long to heal as you smoked. So, if you smoked for 9 months, it would take 18 months for your lungs to heal up. Quit now, it won't be any easier later.

Been there, done that, many, many times.

You'll be fine since you are young. And smoking for 7 months, and you mention finding A cigarrette (almost every day) and not a pack, so yes you are going to be fine but quit NOW.

Probably not any permanent damage. But you should definitely stop asap.

I underage (chain) smoked for 5 years and I don't have any obvious problems

you see kids drugs are bad mmmm ok.

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