Can you maintain sobriety?!

Question: Can you maintain sobriety?
If you are an alcoholic can you maintain sobriety if your spouse drinks every night? Do you have any issues?


The spouse shouldn't be drinking alcohol in front of the alcoholic. That's like putting a piece of food over a dog's head and teasing it because you know that you won't be giving the food to the dog. It's a consideration thing. If my spouse were an alcoholic, I would drink occasionaly, but never in front of them. It's plain rude. It is possible, though. The alcoholic just needs to know that they are strong, and if they want to stay healthy and "on the wagon," they need to understand that they quit alcohol because it was harmful to themself.

Alcoholism and sobriety are both issues about the self, and must be dealt with in the same way. Sad to say, that makes it difficult but not impossible; and , and dealing with these takes support and advice on a personal basis with people who have experience with success and failure. You know what to do.

it is possible but not as easy. I'm an alcoholic. I know its easier to stay sober when people i'm around aren't drinking than when i'm around alcohol and people drinking.

anything is possible, but the chances of that person remaining sober goes down the more he/she is around it

Of course. I've been sober many years, and it doesn't bother me in the least if other people drink.

That said, I would probably not want to be married to someone who drank excessively. Not because it would cause me to drink but simply because the lifestyle would be too different.

If you want to know more PM me.

You can ... but that person would be a massive trigger for you.
One of the things you are taught in recovery is that you will have to give up everyone ... friends, family etc, that were part of your drinking life. This is a rule for practical purposes. Draconian, yes ... but for many, the alternative is death.

That's a huge issue, your spouse needs to understand that their drinking makes it hard for you to maintain your sobriety. Maybe they have a drinking problem as well? Seek counseling or take your spouse to an AA meeting.

I'm divorced because I chose to keep drinking over my wife and kids. My life is a lot happier now and wouldn't change a thing. We are only on this earth a short time, why let sobriety ruin what time we have?

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