How do you spike a school water fountain?!

Question: How do you spike a school water fountain?
My friend and I had this crazy idea, and I really wanna figure out how!!! I just need a start:)


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In short you don't. Why?

You would have to cut a hole in the wall expose the pipe to the fountain, cut off it water supply, cut a hole the exact size of the liquor bottle in the pipe place the bottle in the hole, seal it, and then replace the wall. This breaks many, many laws and you may go to jail, and yes "big people" jail

Are you up for a CHALLENGE?!?!?!

All this must be done with gloves any evidence to link you with this crime will land you in jail and it is massively unrecommended and close to impossible. You you need to bring power tools, booze, Pile sealer all of which are banned from school and the do the whole plan in total silence so i hope you have a silent power drill and saw or can hammer out a wall without making an noise. The power of invisibility to get to a maintenance room to turn off the water and of course pull off the plan.

If it has a water filter you can put something in it, but it probably runs to a major filtration system in a room with a key. Find the room along with the key. If caught, you will get in serious trouble from the state/government not including expelled. Just saying! It would be funny though.

you cant "spike" water at all. Theres nothing to hide the taste of the alcohol, so it would taste like alcohol. The reason people "spike" punch is because the fruity flavors mask the taste of the alcohol.

Unless you are plumbers, you won't be able to do it. Also, it would be highly illegal and you'd get in big trouble with the law.

Do you mean: how to go to jail for spiking water for human consumption (a felony crime)? Not forgetting the lawsuits and victims' medical bills.

hahahhha thats an amazing idea and i go to a stupid catholic school god that would be halarious
sorry i have no idea but if u figure it out tell me=D

not possible. good idea for a senior prank, but not plausible

I love how you kids think today

pee in it

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