Does Mountain Dew taste like lemon?!

Question: Does Mountain Dew taste like lemon?

I don't have a can with me & it's been a while since I drank one. I usually get it from Kentucky Fried. I thought I read on the label that it had Apple Juice in it but I won't swear to it.

Eh... sorta... but not really. It's sorta citrus... but kinda not. The reason it's hard to pinpoint the exact flavor is because it's artificially flavored. It's just some chemical mixture that seems to taste good to us. We just try to match the taste to our internal list of known REAL fruits/flavors stored in our brain, since we don't want to just say, "Wow! This is good! It taste like chemical 342-x9 trial 3!"

Yes, but not sour like lemon. The flavor is described as "Citrus Lemon" but it is sweet. I'd liken it to Sprite with more lemon

No, it has a sort of orange flavour.

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