What are some of your favorite drinks at clubs?!

Question: What are some of your favorite drinks at clubs?
Im looking for some new drinks at clubs,need some recommendations doesn't matter about the price.

Thank you


These are just a few hope you like one..........
Incredible Hulk (Hypnotic & Hennessy)
Vodka + Cranberry + Peach Schnapps
Nuvo + Grey Goose
Blue Hawaiian
Sex On The Beach
Caramel Apple Martini

White Russian (vodka, Kahlua, cream)
Red Beer (beer, tomato juice, salt)
Kamikaze (vodka, lime juice, triple sec, lime wedge)
Rum Runner (OJ, blackberry brandy, creme de banane, gold rum, grenadine)
Buttery Nipple (Buttershots liqueur, Irish cream liqueur)

Cranberry & Vodka, Redbull & Vodka (my fav!), Washington Apple, Fuzzy Navel

Whiskey and Diet Coke
Whiskey sour
Vodka cranberry
Vodka tonic
Soco lime shots (it's just southern comfort and lime juice in a shot glass)

-Rye and ginger (Rye whiskey e.g. Canadian Club and ginger ale)
-Vodka and soda

Try a good Long Island iced tea.I had a shot once that they called a duck fart.Really smooth and good.Hope this helped.

tequila sunrise

Wine and Coke!

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