Natural ways to " see stuff " without taking drugs ?!

Question: Natural ways to " see stuff " without taking drugs ?

Cut a ping pong ball in half along the seam. Then lightly tape them to your eyes. When you look through them you will see only white. It will seem like you are in a infinitely large white room. Then put on a great pair of headphones and listen to only white noise. This trick is called sensory deprivation.

Your body will start to naturally hallucinate as it tries to make sense of the complete gibberish it is hearing and seeing. There are no side effects to doing this. In fact some people pay over $10,000 to buy machines that mimic the same feeling.

Try not to do it around your friends, because any outside noise and movement tends to snap you back into reality.…

We all can "see"; it's a matter of learning how. In your local area, look for a group who meditates, does metaphysical investigations, and has psychic abilities to help develop your own 6th sense. DO NOT GO TO ONLINE PSYCHICS! Look in your local area; there's always a metaphysical bookstore around where you'll find the legitimate, truly psychic people who "see". Be careful there, too; there are the liars and hacks, even there, but it's the best place to start.

Go for a walk in the forest.

Go to the beach and watch a sunset.

Take a close up look at a beautiful flower.

Start an art class and create "stuff" that's interesting to look at.

Get out of the house, get away from the drugs and start living a normal life.

Apparently sensory deprivation works. Earplugs and a really good mask and about 20 minutes laying on a flat surface. Your brain craves stimulation, so it starts to create input artificially.

I've never tried it, though.

Go on an optical illusion visual tour.…

Stay awake for as many days as possible. You'll eventually start to hallucinate.

What you want to do is free your mind you should try meditating.

Get knocked the **** out.

opening your eyes helps


try clouds..

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