Could you describe the most absurd moment of your life?!

Question: Could you describe the most absurd moment of your life?
What was the most ridiculous, cartoonish, weird experience you've had?


Just the other day, I saw a man commuting on a unicycle, I was in shock, so didn't grab my phone to take a picture, I hope he normally commutes on a similar route as me, it was so bazaar.

I was once on a school trip to the French Alps, I bought a load of bangers and cherry bombs. There was an outbreak of the things getting set off in and around the hotel. I managed to stash mine and the teachers were all telling us that they are illegal and that if we were caught taking them back to the UK then big trouble would ensue. Me being a rebel, I hid my collection an a big box of pretzels and had them in my hand luggage (I know, I was young). Whilst going through security at the airport, my bag and I were taken aside for further searching. As I opened my bag, It became apparent to me and the customs guard that the pretzel box had burst. There were pretzels and bangers everywhere! I got the same feeling that I felt when I got caught with a counterfeit note. I thought "****, this is it, I'm going to jail, they will think I'm a terrorist with a pretzel addiction!".

However, the customs people didn't care about the bangers or preztels, they were looking for my Swiss army knife which was binned.

personal experience

A man whose fingers had been shot off (he openly admitted this) tried to convince to come into his apartment as I was leaving the building. He had a paper towel stuck to the wound and blood dripping down his arm. I told him to go to the hospital, and he looked at me like I was incredibly stupid. He wouldn't let me leave until I took down his cell phone number and he got mine. Called my phone on the spot and everything.

At the time it was frightening, but looking back on it, it's one of the most outlandish things that's ever happened to me.

I had a man come over on Xmas day to have sex with me and leave money.
THat was absurd, if I hadn't laughed I would have cried.

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