Had cans of cider sitting in a bag for 4 days, still good to drink?!

Question: Had cans of cider sitting in a bag for 4 days, still good to drink?

of course, cans are there to store it. crack em open and roll on!!

Unopened cans will keep indefinitely. Opened cans will have spoiled.

if theyre unopened they should be fine to drink they may taste a little flat after that time period.

probably not since cider goes bad if you don't refrigerate it.

they last for years just place in the fridge until you want to drink them!

I'll take them off your hands if you don't want to risk it ;-)

Yeah should be fine

yeah,as long as they aint open lol

If that's your biggest problem at the moment then boy do I envy you!

yes, cans will last months

Yeah, its cider. It'll taste like sh!t no matter what.

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