Can you get drunk on one can of beer?!

Question: Can you get drunk on one can of beer?
Is it possible? At a party I was at I sat with my friend the whole time, she had one can of beer, yet she still acted very drunk. She claims she's a lightweight and the beer made her really drunk.

Is it possible at all to get drunk on one can of beer?


most likely not. my guess is she was faking it so she could attract guys, and act like a slut without being called a slut. i guess if she has never drank before and is tiny she would feel the effects but not enough to make one seriously drunk. the general rule is 1 beer/shot for every 30 lbs someone weighs will get you pretty loaded. but a lot of factors are at play such as tolerance, sex, and size.

It's possible. I've had a few friends like that over the years... usually the 5'0, 100 lb. girls who have never drank before. I'm totally jealous... it takes me about 10.

That said she could have been faking it either to be funny, get attention or attract guys.


I'm sure it's possible. Most people wouldn't, but it's definitely possible.

Dale Earnhardt Junior can.

if your 3 feet tall and 40 lbs, then yes.

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