What is four loko? Can you buy it in the uk?? X?!

Question: What is four loko? Can you buy it in the uk?? X?
Heyy ive heard it a few times. and im guessing its an american thing cause never seen it here in england. I know its an alcoholic drink.. What is it like? Is there anything here in the uk similar to it like a uk equivalent. ?? And is there anywhere you can get it in the uk? Ive heard that its good..



it is loaded with alcohol (12%) and caffeine. not as much caffeine as it used to have but still a lot. it is like crack in a can. not sure what is available in the UK, but it is widely popular in the US for its cheap price for the alcohol content and its fruity flavors. It is brutal on the body, and tastes like crap though


It was the very drink of the Gods themselves, until recently banned as the Gods were afraid we would rise to challenge them with the newfound power it gave the imbiber. It combined alcohol with enough caffeine and other energy supplements to literally keep you awake for weeks in a glorious state of divinity. I don't believe you can get it in the UK, but you can get the same result by snorting vodka and mainlining redbull.

its an alcoholic energy drink

not a good combination as you don't feel the sleepiness from true drunkedness and you consume more alcohol than you should

Caffein + Alcohol.

It's nasty.

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