Ho can you get rid of alcohol breath?!

Question: Ho can you get rid of alcohol breath?
I'm not talking about passing a breathalizer but just so nobody can smell alcohol when you talk to them.


you can try a swig of cough syrup (not a whole lot more, otherwise that will have effects on you in other ways), peanut butter, cigarettes help a lot, onion or garlic, gum is the obvious choice but not that effective, cinnamon candy, cheetos, cologne. if you are really drunk you won't be able to completely cover it up though


1.Chew loads of gum at once. This looks like something that would work; preferably mint flavour or anything fresh to cover up the smell.

2.Colas are said to be very acidic and can disguise the smell of alcohol. Rinse with Listerine. Peanuts are great in disguising the alcohol breath. Eat loads of peanuts or a spoonful of peanut butter. There is no valid research to confirm the effectiveness of peanuts, but people claim that it's true.

3.They say metal takes away the alcohol smell; so it makes sense when people claim that putting a penny inside your mouth works. But be very careful not to swallow the penny or you will be in more danger than before. People may not want to try this though, it sounds nasty - and there is no way of telling where the coin has been.

4.These are just examples of how to get rid of alcohol on your breath. But unfortunately, it is said that expulsion of alcohol in your system happens through digestive, respiratory and cleansing organs. That means, the smell is harder to get rid of than just brushing your teeth. After some level of consumption, the alcohol seeps into your lungs and skin.

5.If you have a drinking problem, it is better to approach you family for help rather than covering up by trying to find how to get rid of the alcohol on your breath. And don't drink too much, especially when you are driving.

You can try drinking nothing but vodka, but you still breathe it out as you metabolize it if you've had enough to drink. My other half about knocks me out in the mornings after a heavy night of martinis. Try altoids or another super strong mint.

well i think the smell comes from your lungs, but just rinse your mouth with mouth wash if you dont have any just brush your teeth and chew gum and try your best to keep your distance from the person because then the person will wonder why your breathe smells so good.

Takes time, just like getting rid of hangover symptoms. If you gotta hide your
alcoholic consumption you're not responsible or mature -> regardless of age.

I have known far too many people with alcohol-related problems and issues.

it actually comes from your lungs, so the only way to completely get rid of it is time
but strong smelling herbs, like parsley chewed on helps


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