What is the best home brewing kit to buy?!

Question: What is the best home brewing kit to buy?
I have NO experience brewing beer at home. I have friends who brewed beer in college and they used a Mr. Beer kit, I DO NOT want that one. I know that cleanliness is key, but I want to know what's the best kit out there and will the kit come with everything I need or will I have to get extra stuff?

All help, hints or suggestions are appreciated.

Cheers and Thanks!


The best thing you can do is go to your local home brewer store. They can set you up for <$150, and it'll be quality equipment.

Smart, staying away from the "toy" kits. Any of the kits that make 5 gallon batches will work. I started with a Brewer's Best kit and have had no problems. You will have to add a brew-pot of at least 5 gallon capacity and you will want to add a glass carboy for use as a secondary fermenter. That's only the start. You will probably keep adding more and better equipment as you go. If you are handy, the book Brew Ware will give you some ideas of things you can build for yourself. I started with just a few things in the kitchen. I am moving to a place that will allow me to have a brew-house. It never stops.

Buy a man a beer and he drinks for a day. Teach a man to brew and you've created a monster.

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