How many shots of Patron will it take to get me drunk?!

Question: How many shots of Patron will it take to get me drunk?
I'm 6'3" and 240...
I'm looking to be more way more than tipsy but not sleeping in the bathroom.
Thanks in advance


considering you don't drink enough to know this answer without questioning a good rule of thumb to get a good buzz/slightly drunk is 1 shot for every 30 lbs someone weighs (of course this is going to very by tolerance, sex, alcohol content)... so I'd say 8 shots should be good

I'm 5'5"...around 135ish and a girl and last time I had patron I had...about 4 shots...and 2 mixed drinks before that with vodka (3.5ish shots) and then took a shot of gin later that night...I was fine the next morning, felt like I could've had at least 1 or 2 more before I I'd guess like...10?

umm well like three but im a girl and not as big. so maybe like 6? idk. one shot is like equal to one beer. just drink on a empty stomach so you'll feel it more and your puke wont be as gross. pretty much all my good nights end pukeing, happy drinking :)

First, EAT!

About six or seven shots in you'll be DRUNK! But be careful. If you spread them out and drink water with them, you can probably do more but be careful.

Everyone is different. But your physique is meaningless if you're underaged -> Is it
that difficult for kids and teenagers to understand alcohol is harmful when abused?

Five or six, possibly seven, but unlikely.


probably 7 for you to start feeling it well enough

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