Will I get drunk if i drink some wine?!

Question: Will I get drunk if i drink some wine?
I have NEVER drank before not even a beer. My friend bought 5 different flavors of wine and i wanted to try them all. If i have just one cup of each will i get drunk? I don't want to fall out or anything! Lol


i agree with cassy. if you drink a full glass of each different kind you're going to get pretty intoxicated. which isn't always such a bad thing, but if you really wanted to get a feel for the different tastes i would suggest drinking about two sips from each one, while also spacing them apart by a few minutes each. after wards i would drink a couple of glasses of my favorite out of them. a first time drinker could probably get a pretty good buzz off of a couple of glasses.
have fun.

One serving of wine is approximately four ounces. You want to have on serving of each of 5 wines. So the total amount that you will consume will be twenty ounces. That is enough for many people to become intoxicated yet or others it is just a nice start. Why not drink it a nd let us know how it went for you.

Come-on man, do you really think these troll based "fables" are doing any good?

depends how big those cups are. but there is probably a good chance you get drunk if you drink that much, especially considering it'd be your first time drinking.

also getting drunk off wine makes you much more likely to get a hangover the next day than a lot of other drinks.


yes you will, try just having a few sips from each kind but a whole cup of each of them will get you smashed. first time drinkers should only drink a small amount or it turns bad

trust me. i've been there...more than once...

Your body's not used to alcohol, drinking that much can be dangerous. Just take a sip of each, instead of a whole cup

Yes I think you will get drunk and sick. Some may be dry and some may be sweet wines not a good mixture.

You probably would get drunk. Wait until you are older and more responsible / mature

I suppose - it's got twice the amount of alcohol as beer.

no you wont

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