im really stressed should i drink a beer or glass of wine?!

Question: Im really stressed should i drink a beer or glass of wine?
im stress about everything i wish could be more calm im only 16 btw...


weed is better to relief stress or you can masturbate.

you shouldn't drink either.
calm yourself down, take deep breaths and hangout with friends or watch t.v to take your mind off things.

alcohol is NOT the solution.

alcohol is NOT the solution.

definitely not.
because when your drunk is over, you will realize that you'll never be as happy as you were when you were drunk, and all the stress just comes back again.

considering your age and its illegal alcohol might make you more stressed; especially if your parents would lecture you if they found out... go jerk it and take a nap instead.

A glass of wine in dangerous to you health according to French government new guidelines done in 2009, just google it and you will see

its not stress, its your hormones playing around. Dont drink - its illegal.

Drink water and just step away from what you doing, don't drink alcohol it will make you more stressed.

A glass of red wine a day is good for you! But you shouldn't drink it until your the legal age. Happy Easter!

go out , take a breath , feel the fresh air , then come back and keep doin your thang

NO need for none of that. Ditch home or Class and chill with ur frnds, concerts really help.

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