Question about a TABC test?!

Question: Question about a TABC test?
ok so i went and applied at chilis and they told me i had to take a tabc exam but now that ive looked it up it says i have to pay for the course so im wondering now if he meant to just take the course and ill take the exam over there or how do you do this? and are there any free online courses i can take... how does it usually work to people who have worked in restaurants before....


Very rarely does the employer pay for this training/exam. It is usually your responsibility, sucks huh?

If it is required in your state there probably isn't a free way to do it either. Go to your specific states alcohol commission website and there should be a list of approved websites for your specific area. I got mine from it seemed to be the cheapest from my research, and the training actually wasn't as torturous as I expected! good luck!

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