can you roll a blunt with 0.7 g(almost a gram.)?!

Question: Can you roll a blunt with 0.7 g(almost a gram.)?
i know it'd be better to throw it in a bong or a vape but i want to know if it'd be possible to roll a blunt nicely with just 0.7 g if not , can you put anything less than a gram in a blunt? if yes, how much, 0.8-0.9?? even if it comes out really skinny , it doesn't matter as long as it can be rolled. thats all i need to know, Thankz....... please dont question me im a curious person and not the type that smokes 5 grams at once i smoke to relax . answer my question then leave :D


if by blunt you mean mix it with tobacco, then what a stupid question.
if you mean roll it up with a cigar paper or one of those flavored tube papers, then probably not enough to fill one of those wrappers
if you mean roll with a standard rolling paper then yes, you can roll as small as necessary to get a good firm joint.
As far as the smart aass "answer my question then leave" , why don't you just take your .7 and try to roll it, numbnuts.

Ya, old school it's called a pinner.

**** yeah i did it with an eighth work that **** out

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