What kind of alcohol do they sell in gas stations in Michigan?!

Question: What kind of alcohol do they sell in gas stations in Michigan?
Tomorrow is my 21st, and I want to try something really light, and can only get to the gas station to buy it. What kind of alcoholic beverages are typically sold in those? I never really looked before.

And, do you have any recommendations for something light that tastes pretty good out of what you've seen that they sell at those?


They sell most things under the sun. For beginners i would recommend either a bottle of UV Blue (if you are going for liquor) or preferably a six-pack of smirnoff wine coolers. I would get any flavored smirnoff, including raspberry, ice, lemonade, etc. They are delicious and light and come in a six bottle handle. Happy Drinking and Happy Birthday!!!

well depending on were you live they usally sell some liqour and beer i think they sell whisky and vodka

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