Do pot brownies smell up the house?!

Question: Do pot brownies smell up the house?
My friend and I are planning on making some pot brownies while my parents are sleeping. Will they be able to smell it in the morning? Also, is the smell the same for butter and oil or is one less potent? thanks! Any other helpful hints would be awesome!


Ok, I used to have quite the pot brownie racket back in high school. I baked them all the time using all different methods. It only smells when you make the oil or butter, but not when you actually bake them. (It just smells like brownies then) First off, I prefer oil since it is more reliable and easier to work with. If your making it on the stove it will smell very bad, and may clear out by morning or may not. I'd try to cover it up though. Another way is to use a crockpot and put oil in there with the weed and run it on low for about 12 hours. It smells like actual grass and not weed. Make sure you use enough weed, I suggest at least a 1/2 ounce.

Yes, they will smell up the house the same way that baking brownies normally would smell up the house. However, if you open windows while you bake them and then Febreze the hell out of everything, you'll probably be ok.

Protip: Use Febreze Air Effects (it's just as good on fabrics and it ALSO works in the air!) and do it at least twice, once immediately after baking and once before they come back (but not RIGHT before, or the Febreze smell will be suspicious).

Best of luck!

not a good idea i mean it does have a smell like weed mixed with chocolate though im not sure did your parents smoke weed when they were young cause if they did then dont.
My mom and my aunt used to smoke weed all the time when they were younger and i smoke weed in my room all the time cause no one gives a crap and one day we decided to make some brownies cause we have an old oven in our basement so i hooked it up and we made some well bout two hours later my aunt comes over and says whos been smoking weed in here and of course she already knew it was me so i gave her a few brownies and she was on her way.
It takes quite a bit of weed to make pot brownies so u better have like a half or an ounce on hand or more. though if i was u and i had to worry bout my parents i would just roll a nice blunt or load a bowl in your pipe take it outside and smoke it out there

The smell will probably linger unless you open some windows.

Yeah its gonna smell up the house , just make some "Stash Tea" it has the same effects as brownies and a looooooot less stink

Certainly will. Don't do it until you're at least 18 and living on your own.

deny deny deny and then ask them if they want a brownie...

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