Whats the most stupid thing you've done with alcohol?!

Question: Whats the most stupid thing you've done with alcohol?
Mine is snorting tequilla from a swedish girls navel in cyprus, **** it stings but was worth it. Im bored at work give me a giggle.


i undressed and asked my bf to prove his love for me.guess wat he did?..................he carried me to the car took me home and put me in bath tub with very cold water.i became sober in a flash

i've done a lot of stupid things. one example is gone to school blacked out... i drove three hours on the freeway blacked out only to wake up in a strangers house not knowing what happened and how i got there. check the link for a couple stories I have up, just getting started so many more stupid events to be depicted when time permits.


Drank a $hit ton of red wine and fell on the floor and proceeded to hurl and pi$$ on the carpet

Drank it.

Err… drank it.
And yes, t'was indeed a stupid thing to do.

spilled it!!! what a waste!!

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