How can I avoid being sleepy when I drink alcohol?!

Question: How can I avoid being sleepy when I drink alcohol?
So I sleep a lot, yesterday I got around 18 hours sleep! And before I go out drinking I have a good carbohydrate meal, pasta and potatoes last time I went out. I tried taking caffeine drinks, that didn't work so then I tried taking dextrose tablets and a glucose sports drink, that still didn't work.
I get so tired I end up just falling over and sometimes fainting and then people think I am really drunk and so they either kick me out of their club or send me to hospital, I've had my blood sugar and blood pressure checked and they were fine, the ECG was fine, they took a blood test and I assume that was fine 'cause I didn't hear anything about it, so medically I am fine.
But I don't get drunker than anyone else and some of the people in these clubs are really out of their minds. I just don't get why I'm so susceptible to getting tired why I drink.


You can't. Alcohol is a depressant. And I don't mean it makes you depressed although it can do that too for some people. No, what I mean is that it's a depressant in the sense that it's opposite to a stimulant like caffeine.

what do you drink?

different types of alcohol can effect in different ways.

do you know your limits?

too few drinks can have unpleasant after effects, just as too many can.

why do you drink?

some people don't know the benefits of consuming alcohol. moderation is the key. drinking to get drunk can lead to severe consequences.

people respond differently, and your body is trying to tell you something.

cherry vodka + redbull!

Try Cocaine.

Take a nap.

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