Can one mail/UPS/FedEx beer across the country?!

Question: Can one mail/UPS/FedEx beer across the country?
For example...I live in Ohio and would like to try a certain beer from Maui Brewing Co.
CoCoNut Porter.

So If I know someone that will buy a 6pk warm (it's in cans)...can they bring it to one of the above establishments and get it packaged properly and mailed to me? The closest place to me it's available is like Colorado and I don't have plans to go there any time soon....


It is illegal to use the US postal service to ship alcohol (a real PITA for those of us who enter beer competitions).

It is legal to use FedEx and UPS, but both companies can (and do) make it very difficult and expensive.

FWIW - MBC's Coconut Porter is really excellent, but you might check locally to see if anyone is brewing something similar.

Don't know about everyone else, but with Fedex you can only send alcohol (of any sort) if you are a licensed alcohol dealer sending to another licensed alcohol dealer. Or if you are a licensed alcohol dealer sending to someone over 21 years of age (they will have to sign for it and show valid ID)

Depending on your state that you are sending it to, the brewery may be able to send it directly. Otherwise, if you know someone who can put it in a box and ship it then that's no problem at all. I wouldn't have them state the contents, I would simply state 'personal effects' or along those lines if requested.

beer is not allowed for FedEx at least (1st hand knowledge as a driver)

but, wine is allowed for some reason (with adult direct signature, of course)

ex FedEx Home Delivery driver

No - it's illegal to transport liquor across state lines w/o a license

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