Cans or Bottles (20 character)?!

Question: Cans or Bottles (20 character)?
Some breweries are putting their beer in opposed to bottles now.

What's the deal with that? And, what do you think about it?
Which one is better?


Cans are far better packages. The are lighter, more easily recycled, prevent all light from getting to the beer and allow no oxygen ingress into the package.

Far superior to bottles. please to remember to pour it into a glass though.

Obviously you are talking about REAL beer and not the cheap stuff that's been available in cans for years. It is cheaper and a lot of breweries like that cans are much easier for people to transport. Some great craft beers (like those from Oskar Blues) are available in cans now where 5 years ago you would never think that. The fact that you can drink an imperial stout out of a can is mindblowing

I'm a happy and proud alcoholic

I prefer glass bottles, if I don't have a glass to pour my beer into. I simply prefer the feeling of the glass against my lips instead of a metal can. I don't think the beer tastes any different if it's from a can, though.
BTW, beer has been sold in cans for a LONG time.

I think beer always tastes better in a can, Im not a fan of bottles, You also get less beer for your money and it does not taste very nice.

Depends, if I am out I prefer bottles, at home I prefer cans.

Now they are about equal. The lining they use in cans is much better than it used to be.

Oskar Brewing does this too. I can take it or leave it, but since I homebrew, at least bottles I can reuse.

Cans are better for stashing in my golf bag though.....

my guess is that they do this because it is cheaper... I prefer bottles, the flavors seem to come through better...

Beer tastes better in glass. No chance of picking up taste from canning.

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