Walking around your neighbourhood drunk?!

Question: Walking around your neighbourhood drunk?
Hey im 18 years old and Im board and was thinking of getting drunk and walking around my neighbourhood I did it yesterday and nothing happend but why or why not would this be bad or what?
Im gunna do it anyways but I just wanted to know what would happen?


I did this once a long long time ago when I was in highschool and you know what happened? I stubbed my toe! It didn't bother me a bit at the time but hurt like hell later. Yes, I was barefoot.

What will happen is that you will be a person without the creativity or minimal energy to do something better with your time. At least call up a friend to join you and watch your back. Drinking alone is a dead end.

Nothing will happen, unless you're reported and caught for being drunk in public. Of course, that's only if this is a crime in your area.

I do that all the time and have a blast. I only got arrested 4 times in 3 years so that's not bad. All 3 times were for public urination which you probably won't have to worry about

You could be reported by neighbors for public drunkenness and spend the night in the brink until you sober up

I love to take walks under the influence of anything : D Go for it

Why would this be a bad thing... because it makes you look like a drunken fool who has no life.

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